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Emilija - 30 November & 1 December

No sooner had we decided to motor than the wind picked up and we are having the best sail so far covering 182 miles in 24 hrs all on the rhum line to St Lucia.
This brings our total hours motoring so far to five, not bad having only 1111 miles to go. Master angler Martin caught another good sized fish and then had scrambled eggs for dinner (He said he wouldn't be a big fish eater or small either)
The watermaker gave a bit of bother in auto mode but is fine in manual operation we hope. Otherwise we wont be good company when we arrive. We had our first three flying fish land on the boat last night, but nobody was hit yet.
As long as the wind stays in this direction we are making good time using the twin headsails, the second sail only brought as a spare. On encountering a squall on the radar coming our way we can furl some of the two sails together in about 30 secs and back out when it has passed. All this done from the cockpit.This means nobody has to go up on deck in the dark, well done Finn you set it up well. Anyhow trashing away towards St Lucia.

Noel, Brenda, Clare, Martin. Jenny, Jimmy.



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