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11/11/2013 20:17:57

Omar Reis<br>Brazil
Omar Reis

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Hi. My name is Omar Reis.

I'm developer of Navigator (
and VRTool ( softwares.

Navigator software includes celestial navigation, chart navigation
and star finder. VRTool is a subset of Navigator and was developed
to be used in virtual sailing games. It became popular among virtual sailors
as a tool for track planing and weather routing.

VRTool can download GFS wind forecasts directly from NOAA
servers, up to 384 hours. This is a free service from NOAA.
NOAA gribs are very compact files,
suitable for satellite internet limitations.

I'm also working on an iPhone app to work as a companion
software for VRTool desktop, called VRTool Sidekick (VSK)
It uses the phone GPS for real time sailing monitoring.

I will be participating in the ARC 13

* Forum
* VSK User Manual
* VRTool config for real world regattas
edited by Omar Reis
Brazil on 11/11/2013
25/01/2014 13:50:31

Andrew Wilson<br>United Kingdom<br>Andromeda of Plymouth
Andrew Wilson
United Kingdom
Andromeda of Plymouth

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Took a look and it looks very good - however I had three immediate problems:

- Finding the charts for the N. Atlantic was problematic

- The Grib download consistently failed (interrupted it said, then re-started, then the error re-occurred after several minutes, and on, and on)

- Importing other grib files (i.e. from Ugrib or Zygrib) returned an error saying could'nt find the highlighted file

Would like to take another look, but its a problem if some of the functions are problematic.


Home » Weather and Routing » Weather routing with VRTool



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