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World Cruising news stories

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IGY General Manager’s Party & Argalleiro's Uncanny Timing. 17/12/2014

Last night kicked off the second week of ARC 2014 here in Saint Lucia. The biggest party on the programme thus far got underway on the lawn at IGY Rodney Bay Marina, with Simon Bryant welcoming AR crews to the party thrown in his name.“Great turnout tonight don't you think?” he mentioned while greeting guests at the gate. And a great turnout it was, with the majority of the participants showing up for the festivities. Several bars were set up around the lawn, offering beer, wine and rum punch to thirsty sailors. A DJ took the stage to get the party going, blasting vibrant soca music with the occasional pop hit thrown in. Some of the bolder ARC sailors began dancing on in front of the stage, and as the evening went on and the rum flowed, those numbers quickly increased.About midway... Click here for more info..

Dyssel’s Eventful Arrival. 16/12/2014

We’ve cracked the 150-yacht mark here in Saint Lucia just as the clock has ticked past 22 days since the start of ARC 2014. It’s almost... Click here for more info..

Later Arrivals get the Biggest Welcome. 15/12/2014

Sometimes it pays to be at the back of the fleet.Arguably the best part about the ARC is that it’s not in fact a race, and being last is... Click here for more info..

Arrivals Slow Down; Plus, The Three Phases of an Atlantic Crossing. 14/12/2014

“Bahati, Bahati, this is the ARC Finishing Line Sophie. Is that you we see sailing around Pigeon Island?”“Sophie, this is Bahati. Yes, that... Click here for more info..

Saint Lucia Celebrates National Day; plus a Turkish Coincidence. 13/12/2014

Despite some overnight showers and squalls, Saturday morning dawned bright and clear on December 13, Saint Lucia’s National Day. In Rodney... Click here for more info..

Marina busy with arrivals. 12/12/2014

The gorgeous, dark blue Royal Huisman ketch Thula arrived into Rodney Bay Marina earlier this morning to a greeting from Alex the steel pan... Click here for more info..

Beach Party Wraps Up ARC+ For Another Year. 11/12/2014

For sailors on the ARC+ route of the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers, last night’s prize-giving ceremony in Saint Lucia marked the end of their... Click here for more info..

Waves of arrivals at Rodney Bay Marina. 10/12/2014

A busy morning of ARC arrivals was offset by a quieter afternoon for the team of yellowshirts in Rodney Bay, Saint Lucia today. More than a... Click here for more info..

Scarlet Oyster & Captain Blind Fight for a Close Finish. 09/12/2014

The Racing Division doesn’t get much tighter than the battle between veterans Scarlet Oyster and Captain Blind. Both yachts finished early... Click here for more info..

The ARC+ Parties & the ARC Fleet Parks. 08/12/2014

The winds cooperated for the ARC+. All 49 boats in the Cape Verde fleet completed the 2,000-mile crossing quickly enough to make it into IGY... Click here for more info..

ARC+ Fleet All-in and Welcomed to Saint Lucia. 07/12/2014

Following a steady stream of ARC+ yachts completing the course during last week, there was huge noise, applause and congratulations today as... Click here for more info..

ARC Baltic 2015 . 08/12/2014

The inaugural ARC Baltic rally set sail last July, increasing the range of sailing destinations and experiences that World Cruising Club... Click here for more info..

ARC Course Record broken for 2nd year running. 03/12/2014

Leopard by Finland finishes ARC 2014 in 08 days 14 hours 39 minutes and 51 seconds.Unprecedented in the 29 year history of the Atlantic... Click here for more info..

Eleonora 2 leads the ARC+ fleet into Saint Lucia. 01/12/2014

Today Saint Lucia joyously welcomed the first arrival of the ARC+ fleet, Alubat Cignale 18 Eleonora 2 after a fast 2100NM passage from... Click here for more info..

ARC fleet settle into life at sea. 26/11/2014

The ARC 2014 fleet are happily settling into life at sea and are now 48 hours in to their Atlantic crossing adventure. The seminars, parties... Click here for more info..

ARC 2014 sets sail from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. 24/11/2014

Cruisers, racers, and multihulls; sleek ocean racing machines, alongside comfortable family cruisers; boats of many shapes and sizes all... Click here for more info..

ARC 2014 - Start Delayed. 23/11/2014

Local strong winds cause postponement of starts for Racers and CruisersStrong winds blowing through the harbour of Las Palmas have caused... Click here for more info..

24 hours to go to the start of ARC 2014. 22/11/2014

There's just 24 hours to go until the start of ARC 2014. Today is all about last minute checks, making sure there are plenty of provisions... Click here for more info..

ARC 2014: 2 Routen zur Auswahl. 21/11/2014

Seit letztem Jahr haben die ARC-Yachten die Möglichkeit, zwischen 2 Routen zu wählen: Am 9. November startete die erste Gruppe, die mit der... Click here for more info..

ARC Safety Demonstrations Day. 20/11/2014

The ARC safety demonstrations play an important part in preparing for an Atlantic crossing and are an invaluable refresher for all skippers... Click here for more info..