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Owner Charlie & Cathy Simon
Design Taswell 58 AS
Length Overall(m) 58 feet 3 inches
Flag USA
Sail Number USA 52274

“Celebrate” is a Taswell 58 AS sailing boat launched in 2003. My wife and I purchased her a year ago and sailed from Ft. Lauderdale to Nova Scotia and back to get used to her and decide on improvements.

She is a fast, comfortable boat with an easy sea motion and felt secure in squalls with winds to 75kts and loping downwind with winds to 50kts. For the refit currently in progress, we have replaced the navigational instruments and radar, upgraded the refrigeration system, added solar panels, some new sails, and are arranging to replace the standing rigging and most of the running rigging. Also, we have increased the storage space for additional gear and provisioning for the trip, are augmenting the safety gear and have added a Sat Phone with weather data capabilities. All-in-all we are making her as safe and comfortable as possible for the circumnavigation. She is a wonderful boat and we all can have a safe and enjoyable sail.

Currently sailing on World ARC 2014/15

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Celebrate - "Parade of Sail" Victory Lap, Super Pool Party & Fabulous Dinner Party for our "Finale" Day of Circmnavigation & Heartfelt Thanks to all!!

Our "Parade of Sail" Victory Lap was a marvelous chance to see all of the other boats beautifully dressed overall with sails up and perfect for taking photos (we have one of each boat)!!After arriving where we had started 15 months ago at Rodney Bay Marina, St. Lucia, awaiting us was a super pool party with a steel band and a fabulous dinner party with two bands in tribute for our completed circumnavigation.What an awesome "finale"!!Charlie and I will always feel grateful that we were so lucky to be on the "best" circumnavigation rally supported by wonderfully experienced and gracious staff, accompanied by stunning sailors and sent off by fantastic friends!!Enormous thanks to everyone for the encouragement you have added to our lives.First, all thanks to the World ARC for whom without we. read more...


Celebrate - Fireworks Display!! Sulphur Springs, Diamond Gardens & Fond Doux Estate + more on the St.Lucia Island Tour!

The thrilling fireworks display put on by the Capella Hotel (formerly Discovery) was right over the bow of our boat!Never a dull moment in Marigot Bay!The next day we had a terrific all-day driving tour of St. Lucia arranged by the hotel concierge. Our great driver, Eugene, was just great and knew everybody.We stopped for a "jelly", a drinking coconut, along the way to Soufriere where we toured the magnificent tropical Diamond Botanical Gardens with a wonderful waterfall.Next was the drive-thru volcano mineral baths and sulphur hot springs.Lunch was at the lovely Fond Doux Estate.We finished the tour by driving on to Castries and stopping for "just baked bread" in a huge clay oven while we watched.Castries will be our net shopping excursion on our own.Next:Looking forward to the fleet. read more...


Celebrate - Delightful Marigot Bay, First Stop on our Around the World Return to St. Lucia!

An easy overnight passage to Marigot Bay, St. Lucia from Carriacou with wonderful Caribbean sun and soft breezes as we entered this charming bay.Darien from the marina was immediately out in a dinghy to greet us warmly and tie us to a mooring ball in the pretty inner lagoon.We always prefer to swing in the wind for better ventilation.We have since sampled the bountiful breakfast buffet at the Discovery Hotel overlooking the lovely marina with a few mega yachts and the lagoon and dined at the romantic Rainforest Hideaway restaurant with a twinkling nighttime view.Also, shopping at the Mari Gourmet in the marina village for groceries was a gourmet experience!We purchased some caviar for our twosome champagne celebration for making it back to St. Lucia.Life is good!Next:Touring St.. read more...


Celebrate - To Tyrell Bay Anchorage with Fantastic Dives & Fun Restaurants on Carriacou Island, Officially Grenada

On a 30 mile passage to Tyrell Bay on March 11th we left Happy Hill at 9am and arrived at around 3pm to a huge, well-protected anchorage with many boats.A vendor named, Simon, visited our boat with live lobsters, wine and many offers to assist us.We did take a rustic island tour with him to see all sides of the island and a boat yard where wooden boats are still being built by hand.We had fun eating at the various restaurants on the beach, such as Cafe Iguana and the Slipway and also walking through the colorful little town.Charlie had a great diving trip with two fantastic dives, the first just outside the bay at the "Aquarium", which had a selection of new (to me) and different reef fish, sea horses, and a tiny crab looking like a daddy long legs spider.The second dive, at the famous. read more...


Celebrate - Underwater Sculptures Marine Park, Dragon Bay & Happy Hill (Flamingo Bay) in Grenada

At Moliniere Point all of the mooring balls for regular boats close by the underwater Sculpture Garden were taken, so we looked into next door Dragon Bay which seemed delightful.Unfortunately, the mooring balls were too close together for our size of boat so we moved on to the next, next door bay of Happy Hill (Flamingo Bay) and all was well!We were able to dinghy back to the Sculpture Garden and snorkel this amazing site.Near life-size sculptures with some in a circle sitting on a wall and also a praying figure are a few examples.What marvels we have seen on this trip! Next: Carriacou IslandCharlie & Cathy. read more...

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