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Owner Charlie & Cathy Simon
Design Taswell 58 AS
Length Overall(m) 58 feet 3 inches
Flag USA
Sail Number USA 52274

“Celebrate” is a Taswell 58 AS sailing boat launched in 2003. My wife and I purchased her a year ago and sailed from Ft. Lauderdale to Nova Scotia and back to get used to her and decide on improvements.

She is a fast, comfortable boat with an easy sea motion and felt secure in squalls with winds to 75kts and loping downwind with winds to 50kts. For the refit currently in progress, we have replaced the navigational instruments and radar, upgraded the refrigeration system, added solar panels, some new sails, and are arranging to replace the standing rigging and most of the running rigging. Also, we have increased the storage space for additional gear and provisioning for the trip, are augmenting the safety gear and have added a Sat Phone with weather data capabilities. All-in-all we are making her as safe and comfortable as possible for the circumnavigation. She is a wonderful boat and we all can have a safe and enjoyable sail.

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Celebrate - Reflections on Maritius

Although a new landfall for Charlie and Cathy it was a return visit for Peter. He and Jane had their honeymoon in Mauritius 16 years ago. Many of the local people we have met on the dockside had told us that a lot had changed since 1998 with greater prosperity on the island. We certainly sensed a vibrancy , or perhaps this was something to do with our visit coinciding with the Hindu festival of Diwali or 'Festival of Lights' where they celebrate victory of light over darkness.Here is an account of Peter's a three day drive across the island rediscovering familiar places and some new ones;We had a great honeymoon but came away feeling that all was not right in paradise, this could have been the absence of the dodo, ebony forests, or sugar cane fields totally dominating the island's. read more...


Celebrate - Pretty Basket of Fruit & Rum Taste Welcome from World ARC in Mauritius!

Our "Celebration" song played across the finish line on the VHF radio adding to the festiveness of arriving in Mauritius!Also, Joel of rally control, the crew of Alpheratz and crew from CHIKA-lu helped us tie up to the dock.Next, Joel gave us an additional fun welcoming with a bright pink covered basket of fruit and a taste of local rum in World ARC inscribed shot glasses.We loved it!Then it was time to put up the signal flags for "dressing overall" and finish clearing into the country.After a good night's sleep we expect be ready to start sight sighting this beautiful island!Charlie, Cathy and Peter. read more...


Celebrate - Alternative story from Adela

I received the following story from Peter on Adela in response to the "Use many World ARC Boat Names in a Story" contest.I'll let Peter explain how it is different:Hi Charlie,The following story is a variation on your original idea.It was written by Jan as a challenge to see whether people can spot words that sound like the boat names, no actual boat names are included.Some words may have to be spoken with a slight accent (German, Italian, whatever) but I have proofed it and managed to find most of the boat names.Jan has now inserted the boat names in brackets for you only to see, to help modify your story pronunciation accordingly...Kind regards,Peter.Do you know Ingo? He lived a long long time ago. So, maybe Peter knows him. That was in the times, when the world got cold. There was. read more...


Celebrate - Pizza and Karaoke fun

As we approach Mauritius its time to clear out the fridge,freezer and half empty jars. What better way than for Peter to cook up his terrific pizzas for lunch. The pizzas involve Pitta bread bases (or Pitta's Pizza) and a lot of hope that in this rolling sea they stay under the grill long enough to cook the topping without jumping across the saloon. Fortunately they arrived in the cockpit in one piece, right side up and were yummy!Over the last few nights we have seen a procession of freighters heading North East from the Cape mostly bound for China and Singapore. One evening we were entertained on the VHF by the various ship's radio officers singing Mandarin songs to each other. Strangely the chapter on karaoke communications is missing from our radio manual. Nuno on NDS Darwin mistook. read more...


Celebrate - Colorful Genniker Sail Rises Again and We Pass Rodiquez Island

Only 250 miles to the way point just off of Maurituis.We are expecting to arrive on Sunday, after a 14 day passage.Peter repaired the Gennaker sail and it filled beautifully all day.A spectacular day of sailing with bright sunshine and plenty of wind!Also, we have told American Spirit II since their forestay incident that when they arrive in Mauritius we will meet them with comfort food and beverages.It will have been an especially long trip for them and some of the other boats that stayed near to them to help.We are all looking forward to seeing Paul and Joel of rally control and having the fleet reunited in Mauritius with boats dressed overall.Peter spent his honeymoon here and will be enjoying the memories! Charlie, Cathy & Peter. read more...

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