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Owner Charlie & Cathy Simon
Design Taswell 58 AS
Length Overall(m) 58 feet 3 inches
Flag USA
Sail Number USA 52274

“Celebrate” is a Taswell 58 AS sailing boat launched in 2003. My wife and I purchased her a year ago and sailed from Ft. Lauderdale to Nova Scotia and back to get used to her and decide on improvements.

She is a fast, comfortable boat with an easy sea motion and felt secure in squalls with winds to 75kts and loping downwind with winds to 50kts. For the refit currently in progress, we have replaced the navigational instruments and radar, upgraded the refrigeration system, added solar panels, some new sails, and are arranging to replace the standing rigging and most of the running rigging. Also, we have increased the storage space for additional gear and provisioning for the trip, are augmenting the safety gear and have added a Sat Phone with weather data capabilities. All-in-all we are making her as safe and comfortable as possible for the circumnavigation. She is a wonderful boat and we all can have a safe and enjoyable sail.

Currently sailing on World ARC 2014/15

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Celebrate - Great All-Day Island-Wide Safari Tour by Henry in Grenada!

Henry's Safari Tours, Kurt, a very nice young man picked us up at the Prickly Bay Marina where they have a sales office and we were joined by a lovely Norwegian couple.First stop was the beautiful Concord Waterfall complete with a young boy who would dive from the cliff-top into the pool made by the waterfall.It was jaw-dropping and we have the pictures to prove it!Continuing along the west coast with picturesque views of the beaches and sailboats going by we stopped at Gouyave to tour a Nutmeg Factory.A three story, mostly hand process of drying the nuts on one level, putting them through a cracking machine on another level and dropping them to the main floor for hand grading and shipping.A tasty buffet lunch was next overlooking the beach at Sauteurs Bay.Close by we saw the famous. read more...


Celebrate - Grenada Arrival in Prickly Bay is Friendly!

Kyron & Marvin greeted us with big smiles and cheerfulness at the fuel dock at Prickly Bay Marina and let us stay tied up there until we could clear Immigration & Customs at the head of the dock.Then we hooked up to a mooring buoy as we like the ventilation better than a slip and they assigned us a new buoy.It's been sunny days and a few easy repairs, plus laundry and we are now ready to start seeing Grenada over the weekend.We are really enjoying a more relaxed pace and are looking forward to joining the rest of the fleet at Port Louis in a few weeks.Folie and Merlyn say they might be in on Feb. 12th...Charlie & Cathy. read more...


Celebrate - Trinidad, Tobago & Grenada Sighting!

Six miles ahead is lushly green Grenada.We have passed Trinidad and Tobago in the night.Our 2500 mile passage is almost at an end and we have sent a fleet message of the conditions we encountered. This morning is sunny skies and great winds for sailing.We are looking forward to landfall after 13 days at sea.Next: Grenada arrival...Charlie & Cathy. read more...


Celebrate - French Guiana, Surinam & Guyana

Passing the coasts of French Guiana, Surinam and now Guyana has been amazingly quick with continued great winds for a steady 8-9 knots of speed making our fuel consumption at the absolute minimum.That's always good news.Other good news is we continue to see large pods of dolphins and Charlie took some movies of them today.We are expecting to arrive at Grenada on Monday, February 23rd for a stay initially at Prickly Bay.Grenada comes highly recommended to us from many sources so we are really looking forward to seeing it. Next on the chart:Venezuela and Trinidad...Charlie & Cathy. read more...


Celebrate - Amazon River Mouth Passing

From 150 miles off the mouth of the Amazon River we were still affected somewhat.Considerable plant material floated by and there is a tidal range. We hope to come back and explore the river on a small riverboat cruise.We don't want to miss seeing the pink dolphins!Our winds and current boost are still outstanding and we expect to arrive in Grenada 4 days ahead of schedule.Next: Passing French Guyana...Charlie & Cathy. read more...

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